Laser Liposuction


LASER LIPOSUCTIONLipolaser en Aguascalientes
Surgery: is aspirated fat deposits in different areas to improve the body contour.
Anesthesia: Local or Epidural and Sedation.
Internment: Ambulatory.
Recovery: 1 week.
Associated surgeries: Lipectomía, mastopexy, breast augmentation, gluten Lipoinjection

Laser Liposuction, also called Lipolase and laser liposuction (liposuction) is an evolution of traditional liposuction and is currently one of the cosmetic treatments most commonly used today to ensure that patients get the figure they want from a form safe and without trauma.

The Lipolase is basically a type of cosmetic surgery which comes through all the accumulated fat is removed in an area of the body with the help of a laser.

Today, thanks to technological advances can make use of laser technology for this application thus avoiding traumatic surgeries and laser lipolysis in the patient's tissues suffer much less damage than suffer with traditional lipolysis.

This allows the incisions do not leave any trace on the body and máimportante: it is much less painful than traditional liposuction.

Laser technology is used in order that the fat can be liquefied before being eliminated thereby, this fat becomes softer allowing that can be removed more naturally by the patient's body.


In the Lipolase, the surgeon uses a small cannula and sophisticated lasers, achieving precise body contouring. Furthermore this technique helps to stretch the skin. No stitches are required, and small scars heal within a few days.

At first you must have a first appointment in which the professional can see what the affected patient in which you want to apply laser liposuction area. Having explained the operation and the procedure itself, you will be asked some pre-test to ensure the health of the patient.

Among the most traditional areas for laser liposuction are the abdomen, legs, arms or back, although each case is very particular and can apply in many different areas. You'd better ask your surgeon and assess your situation.
Depending on the area to treat a laser liposuction surgery can take a maximum of 3 hours. As the patient recovers a laser lipolysis is almost immediately.

During the postoperative period, it is recommended that the patient be for the next 5 days rest following their own professional guidelines for the elimination of body fat is adequate.
During the procedure it will not need the patient interne in cosmetic clinic because it is a completely outpatient procedure which may go home at the end of laser liposuction.

Having no general anesthesia, the process is much faster than traditional liposuction. In some cases, it can be applied minimal sedation so that the patient does not suffer pain during surgery.


Patients who have undergone traditional liposuction, are admitted to a clinic or hospital, where they will receive the necessary care after surgery and remain in a recovery room until they have had the effect of general anesthesia.

Often they spend the first night and admitted they can not make normal life until after one or two weeks, approximately. In addition, due to pain and postoperative discomfort, they need the help of a family member or someone close. In the case of laser lipo, recovery is much faster and painless.

Because a less aggressive intervention, general anesthesia is not necessary and the discharge will be much earlier compared with patients undergoing traditional lipo is. Usually, most patients return to normal life between one and three days after laser liposuction.


Then I show the differences between traditional liposuction and laser liposuction:

ANESTHESIAGeneral anesthesiaLocal anesthesia
LOSS OF BLOODHigh risk of blood loss and tissue damageLittle blood loss
PAINMajor postoperative pain, having to resort to heavy medication to relieve.Minor discomfort after surgery. Counter medications to relieve them.
RISKFruit increased risk of complications of general anesthesia and trauma generated by the intervention.Risks with local anesthesia are reduced and the intervention is less traumatic.
RESULTSYou can leave loose skin.More satisfactory result for the client. tighter skin and less recovery period.
Of course, the advantages of laser liposuction are many, but above all, it is an intervention to everyone where non-invasive methods are used, and you can get recovery in a few days, thus managing to return to have the desired figure much exercise and diet that is done, there cell impossible to eliminate fat naturally, which, the Lipolase do that work to benefit your image and health.

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